The Nostalgia effect: the past shapes you

Go back to videos and songs that you enjoyed in your younger years (childhood), you will see it has something to do with the person you are today.

Here’s a few of mine:

This song became Engraved in my head

Made me crazy and probably fickle.

Kylie-“love at first sight” this taught me how to love lol

Hey noticed that they all are divas. Side note: Many of my inspirations as a child were powerhouse divas or weird men who were geniuses (This sentence probably sums me).

Each of these videos or songs along with others (will be mentioned in future posts) played a part into who I am today. When you watch or hear them, you see pieces of me. I believe your childhood influences and interests help show how you feel, think, and act.

When I was little, these were the songs I sung and heard nonstop.

I think these say I am a courageous, lighthearted, naïve, strong, and happy. I think I got it right. ;]


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