An honest post


The world sums us up. Some of these relate to me, some relate to others.

Two events that inspired this post:

Event 1:

Today, because I wore trendy clothes-these people thought they could relate to me so they decided to speak to me.  We have never spoken before. Nor did they understand my language even though we both spoke English. They expected me to be just like them. To curse, to smoke, to drink, to like these certain rappers. Even if all of us being the same is impossible. Even if I faked it. Their expectations were strong enough to assume who I was.

Event 2:

Today, because I drew a few pictures in class,

I am now that artsy girl in class

I am that person no one can take seriously

I am no brains

I have nothing to contribute other than sketching, so my team members decide to ignore me. If they saw past that and listened, they would have seen that I had a successful solution before our instructor called it.

Here is a list of other summaries:

  • Because I am honest, I am a jerk
  • Because I have a heart- I am a wimp, loser
  • Because I listen more, I don’t exist
  • Because I am nervous, I lack confidence
  • Because I stutter, I can’t talk
  • Because I am afraid, I am incapable of overcoming my fears
  • Because I didn’t perform, I can’t perform or will never perform
  • Because I sing, I only sing
  • Because I dance, I only dance
  • Because I am passionate, I am sensitive or depressed
  • Because I am angry, I have no right to be
  • Because I am sad, I lack strength
  • Because I prefer solitude, I a creep, boring, or anti-social
  • Because I am expressive, I am a weirdo
  • Because I don’t look like a celebrity or model, I am ugly
  • Because I am emotional, I am irrational
  • Because I talk about my issues, I am selfish
  • Because I am short and slender, I can’t play sports
  • Because I crack jokes, you can’t take me seriously
  • Because I don’t pay attention in class, I will fail this class and in life
  • Because I have faith in people, I am naïve
  • Because I get good grades, I know all of the answers
  • Because I see a therapist, I am crazy.
  • Because I am having issues with my spouse, We will get a divorce.
  • Because I am single, no one loves me.
  • Because I have locks- I am dirty, Jamaican, or smoke weed
  • Because I am disabled, my life is over or I can’t succeed at anything
  • Because I am a man and cry, I am not a real one
  • Because I smile randomly, I am always happy
  • Because I am open, I am clueless
  • Because I am bald, I am a lesbian
  • Because I speak my mind, I am a man

And so much more.

The world can take the simplest things and define it without seeking what it actually means.
It is our job not to feed into it because there is so much more to you and me.

There is more to something, that just meets the eye.


7 thoughts on “An honest post

  1. Karen

    Love it hon we have criticism, stereotype, and just a total lack of wisdom. It takes special person to see through the heart but first they need to see past the surface until then they are blind.

  2. Monique H.

    It’s true, they do. I’ve learned not to react and to give those people the benefit of the doubt that they are not as simple-minded and intolerant as they appear. All one can ever do is continue to be and act their Self.

    N.B. Are you bald?

  3. It’s true, society tries to fit us into a box–they don’t know or don’t want to handle multidimensional, complex people–which we all are. Society tries to simplify us, to place us into a nice little category, but that is not how life or people work. People have done this to me and I have learned that no matter what, I need to just be myself–even if it contradicts what other people think of me. If they underestimate me, then I will surprise them with how capable I really am. If they overestimate me, I will remind them of my imperfect humanness. Keep being you, ’cause the people who really matter will do what it takes to go beyond the surface and will not judge a book by its cover to begin with.

  4. Tony Newbold

    Hi Shayna,

    How are you? I am asking your permission to use your article that you have written on your blog. I would like to use it within a nonprofit organization which mentors our youth. I think it’s pretty amazing and I strongly believe you were right on point. If this letter could be of any help within your class I suggest you use it as a recommendation for your writing skill as well as the great content you have contributed to the public. You were real and you were able to let us see your heart and I think that says a lot. I believe this can make an impact as well as a change within our society we live in because it allows us to look into ourselves. I thank God for people like you. I must say keep moving forward because I do believe this is just the start of the great work that will come from you.

    You are truly awesome


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