An honest post


The world sums us up. Some of these relate to me, some relate to others.

Two events that inspired this post:

Event 1:

Today, because I wore trendy clothes-these people thought they could relate to me so they decided to speak to me.  We have never spoken before. Nor did they understand my language even though we both spoke English. They expected me to be just like them. To curse, to smoke, to drink, to like these certain rappers. Even if all of us being the same is impossible. Even if I faked it. Their expectations were strong enough to assume who I was.

Event 2:

Today, because I drew a few pictures in class,

I am now that artsy girl in class

I am that person no one can take seriously

I am no brains

I have nothing to contribute other than sketching, so my team members decide to ignore me. If they saw past that and listened, they would have seen that I had a successful solution before our instructor called it.

Here is a list of other summaries:

  • Because I am honest, I am a jerk
  • Because I have a heart- I am a wimp, loser
  • Because I listen more, I don’t exist
  • Because I am nervous, I lack confidence
  • Because I stutter, I can’t talk
  • Because I am afraid, I am incapable of overcoming my fears
  • Because I didn’t perform, I can’t perform or will never perform
  • Because I sing, I only sing
  • Because I dance, I only dance
  • Because I am passionate, I am sensitive or depressed
  • Because I am angry, I have no right to be
  • Because I am sad, I lack strength
  • Because I prefer solitude, I a creep, boring, or anti-social
  • Because I am expressive, I am a weirdo
  • Because I don’t look like a celebrity or model, I am ugly
  • Because I am emotional, I am irrational
  • Because I talk about my issues, I am selfish
  • Because I am short and slender, I can’t play sports
  • Because I crack jokes, you can’t take me seriously
  • Because I don’t pay attention in class, I will fail this class and in life
  • Because I have faith in people, I am naïve
  • Because I get good grades, I know all of the answers
  • Because I see a therapist, I am crazy.
  • Because I am having issues with my spouse, We will get a divorce.
  • Because I am single, no one loves me.
  • Because I have locks- I am dirty, Jamaican, or smoke weed
  • Because I am disabled, my life is over or I can’t succeed at anything
  • Because I am a man and cry, I am not a real one
  • Because I smile randomly, I am always happy
  • Because I am open, I am clueless
  • Because I am bald, I am a lesbian
  • Because I speak my mind, I am a man

And so much more.

The world can take the simplest things and define it without seeking what it actually means.
It is our job not to feed into it because there is so much more to you and me.

There is more to something, that just meets the eye.


A Good Movie List (Some of my favorites)

Some are old and some are more recent.(Clicking on titles will take you to trailers)

I put some of my moms favorites (Because I love her)

Yes my mom likes war movies.

Hahaha I think I cried in almost all of these.

Sorry if these movies are dramatic, I like to have an strong emotional reaction when it comes to movies, but they are all worth it.

Wear Yellow



  • It deflects negativity
  • It gives you all that happy-go-lucky energy you need to careless


“Because I’m happyyyy”


Pharrell-criticism he received for his Arbys hat.

Solange-beating up her brother-in-law. They called her Jay-Z 100th problem from his hit, 99 problems.


We all can recognize this little fellow.-considered a loser in bikini bottom.

P.S. Never again will I put Spongebob on here, I hate him.-see and he’s still smiling(deflecting)

The Nostalgia effect: the past shapes you

Go back to videos and songs that you enjoyed in your younger years (childhood), you will see it has something to do with the person you are today.

Here’s a few of mine:

This song became Engraved in my head

Made me crazy and probably fickle.

Kylie-“love at first sight” this taught me how to love lol

Hey noticed that they all are divas. Side note: Many of my inspirations as a child were powerhouse divas or weird men who were geniuses (This sentence probably sums me).

Each of these videos or songs along with others (will be mentioned in future posts) played a part into who I am today. When you watch or hear them, you see pieces of me. I believe your childhood influences and interests help show how you feel, think, and act.

When I was little, these were the songs I sung and heard nonstop.

I think these say I am a courageous, lighthearted, naïve, strong, and happy. I think I got it right. ;]

Did you know…


  • How you see something affects your next move whether you realize it or not.
  • That whatever you do, don’t pop that pimple. trust me.
  • In life, learn to master leaving things alone-letting go.
  • Veggies are super-important, they can affect you in long run.
  • Balance sets you on a deceit path.
  • You make it about one thing, it will always be about one thing.
  • Manipulation is psychologically choking for gain.

A Solution to Overcoming Hopelessness & the Beat down of Constitent Failure

(A) Change the way you are doing or thinking about things and (B) do the best you can to get the things you want. (C) Move on with high spirits.

  • In order for you to win against adversities, you have to get out of your comfort zone.


If you usually think negatively or don’t believe you can succeed at something and this is a mental pattern for you, Try thinking more on the opposing side. Think positive.

This is your fifth time taking a class, do whatever you can to not make it your sixth. This means visit your teacher.

You are use to holding on to dead weight- something not making a positive difference in your life, let it go.